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Why Choose Simple IT Care?


Unlike many other Managed Services programs that make it all too complicated, Simple IT Care’s common sense approach is, as you’d expect, simple, practical and straightforward – so you get greater results faster!


Why pay high markup on equipment, software and licensing? If you hired an IT manager employee for your company, you would not expect them to just buy products from their favorite vendor, right?


At Simple IT Care, we make every effort to find the best costs on all hardware, software, and yearly renewals in order to save you money. We use resources that traditional IT companies would never use - thinking outside of the box for our clients benefit.


Why would you want your site documentation and secure company IT data stored offsite in another company’s proprietary database or web management software? If you hired IT staff within your company, wouldn’t you expect them to document your IT inventory, licensing, hardware, login passwords and other IT privileged data at your corporate office?


Simple IT Care will document all your systems and store the information securely. We provide access to this information directly to you.  We also store passwords and other sensitive login information securely online (not in spreadsheets and Word documents) which we also share access to with your staff as needed. 


Why should you have to choose a more expensive service plan to get more benefits & cheaper rates?  Why should you be limited to some IT Company's Bronze/Silver/Gold Plan?  Why should you have to sign long term service contracts?


We offer basic block hour plans, unlimited helpdesk and onsite plans, hybrid service plans, monitoring only plans and can customize a service plan that fits your business needs and IT budget.  We do not handcuff you into long term multi-year service agreement contracts.  We know if the service  we provide does not meet your expectations, you need the freedom move onto to another partner.  The pressure is on us to provide top notch personal service.


Are you looking for a team of IT professionals that really care about your business? Are you looking for a team you can communicate easily with and trust is looking out for your bottom line?


We go above our client’s expectations to communicate in all areas of our service. We constantly look for ways to use technology to simplify your business processes and ours. We often find if you keep it simple, it saves everyone time and money.

06. Diversity Statement

Simple IT Care strives to inform, educate, perform, model, lead and ensure diversity is reflected throughout our organization. We strive to create a workplace that actively embraces diversity and inclusion by recognizing the value in the uniqueness of all individuals.


Additionally, we strive to promote an inclusive work environment, guided by mutual respect, openness, honestly and the spirit of trust and cooperation, in order to attain the highest possible productivity, creativity and efficiency in the workplace.

Our Commitment to our clients

  • Using streamlined and automated communication tools with our clients, we help you to become more efficient with your IT resources 

  • Reduce the time spent managing your network and computers by utilizing cutting edge managed services and remote monitoring systems.

  • Prevent emergencies and down time through remote monitoring and preventive maintenance of your systems.

  • Making the purchasing of hardware and software easy by cutting all the red tape out of the buying process.

  • We offer advanced security services including training, data breach scans, threat detection, remediation, and response services. These are critical in today's small business IT system design.

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