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Disaster Recovery



Simple IT Care hosts and managed our own private data center back up system for disaster recovery of client computers and servers.  Data is backed up to the cloud, which we have physical access to in a secure datacenter.  Our clients have the ability to recover files or entire systems on their own if they wish, directly over the internet via the web application installed on PC's and Servers.  Our engineers are also trained and able to restore data as needed up to and including the entire server, laptop or PC.

All disaster recovery data is encrypted in transit to the datacenter and is encrypted at rest on the storage system.  There are multiple designs and levels of disaster recovery needed depending on the client circumstances.  Contact to discuss a disaster recovery (DR) Plan and how we can secure your company data in case of a disaster.  Disaster scenarios might include hard drive failure, loss or stolen equipment, fire, flood, malware or ransomware encryption of data by virus or employee error.

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