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IT Services

Managed Services
Simple IT Care provides a proactive set of services to our clients based on the needs determined through analyzing a client's daily work flow systems.  Our plan is to deliver or assist in the delivery and management of network-based services, applications and equipment to our clients.   We work closely with other vendors whose systems are working within or relying upon the computer networks. Our fixed monthly fees provide a predictable cost for companies to use in budgeting their information technology maintenance expenses.
Utilizing Personal Managed Services from Simple IT Care, we can take corrective action before you even notice it or even before the problem occurs.  Utilizing multiple technologies, monitoring systems and onsite support services we are delivering excellent services to our clients that are specifically adapted to each client's needs.


Our personal managed services in Baltimore, DC and Northern Virginia will give your business an ability to have all your IT needs taken care of without having to hire additional support staff.  We provide back up to your existing IT support staff, and if none exists, we provide all the benefits of having an internal support staff. All the benefits of hiring an internal IT Manager can be yours with our one of a kind personal managed services. Left un-monitored, your network and computers will inevitably fail, leaving employees idle and impacting your ability to do business costing thousands through the loss of productivity, revenue, and other critical communications that rely on your network computer systems.

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